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Jul. 9th, 2015

This journal has turned Friends Only, mostly due to the fact that I don't particularly want the RL world stalking the me of 4 years ago. And because I can do it in one click of a button.
And that felt like Power.

Comment to be added. I like friends.

[The obligatory pretty F-only banner will appear at some point]

Oct. 27th, 2009

Item: I'm not going to be married in 91 days time. Just for reference. Also, no more cufflinks references!
*sporfle* There was much teasing at David and Rachel's wedding.
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Having written 1000 words of my Amores essay on the train to Worcester, I then was rubbish and was up till 1.30 this morning. But supervisor liked my ideas, and was pleased with last week's essay. She said I can write essays - YEY! Oh and I went to formal at John's last night, which was awesome fun. I had 3 glasses of wine and then came home to work (OMG strawberry wine so good!). I think Michael was disappointed because I was less amusing than last week. >< "You're not doing your bat-hearing-only voice". ><

Also puzzling, yesterday I went to lunch and as soon as I sat down, Michael and Io were all "OMG Lina you look so girly today"... Now admittedly I was wearing a skirt, but that's not an uncommon occurance. Nor is a pink top. And my scarf -was- silk instead of pashmina, but.... I dunno, I didn't feel any more girly than usual! They couldn't pinpoint why either, so it was just a bit odd. Ooh! But my new coat arrived today! Yey!

Need to watch James May's Toy Stories tomorrow - by the time I discovered it today, it was late.

My entry for the A Most Improper Magick book trailer competition. Read the rules and enter at

It's due to karenhealey that I've discovered it and OMG, Azzy, you are going to love this: Regency PLUS Highwaymen PLUS Magic! But it's not out till January. :( A Most Improper Magick. XD ANd Chapter 1 is here. :)